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never been a ford guy but my last 4 vehicles have been fords...

chevy guy born and raised but came across a beauty of a rust bucket a few years back in a 71 galaxie 500, 6.6 400 under the hood and ran like a dream for a year, upon its death i was given a 78 f150 with a shot 460, spent a weekend dropping another 400 from a 77 f150 and drove it about a year until the friend that gave it to me for free offered to buy it back, aquired a 94 explorer limited edition for $500 to drive for a short time while i searched yet again for my kind of truck and then i found it, 87 bronco, 302, 3 spd auto, on the hunt for decent tires since the street tires on it just don't have enough tread to trust in decent mud, power steering pump pully is squeakin a little and the speedo doesn't work but i don't drive fast enough to work to care about that at this point


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welcome to the darkside....j/k

welcome to FSB!

dont forget to use the search button

<<<<<<and fill out your BKO info so we know what your working on
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