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i have a nice Ricer, eh?

1293 Views 17 Replies 6 Participants Last post by  Damager started as a 50$ enduro car, but now im making the big DOLLA DOLLA BILL on the streets now
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if you wanna know why the hood and bumper are kinda phucked, i had the left front 79 bronco tire on that biatch, for stock suspension that thing was flexing
:lolup :lolup Now that's how I like to see ricers!!!:thumbup :thumbup :thumbup Sweeeeeeeet ride!!!!
ya, it was a decent car when i bought it but it knocks really bad and kills batterys, as you see it is missing the driver side front tire too:toothless , we played chicken with it and i wish i woulda got a pic but i hit it with the bronco and somehow i ended up on the hood:shrug . we had to pull the car backwards while i tryed going in reverse but my tow hooks were stuck in the bumper afterwards....
all that and no pics of the Bronco up on the hood :shrug

i got the camera after i did it...if you want i can try with the 80'? actually no the ttb thing will snap
lol if the thing even has enough power to get onto the hood
if i still have the car when the bronco comes back ill try just for you damager
Damager said:
no it won't ... JUST DO IT! :thumbup
Yeah, Yeah,... Do it!!!:D
well the car is gone... i called a guy a week ago about towing it and then he randomly showed up when i was gone tonight and took it, my mom just told me otherwise i would have thought it was still
just out of curiousity, what was it? make model etc
1989 toyota celica,2.0 fun while it lasted
poor damager, ill try it on my buddys laser.....j/k
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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