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I need advice to safely remove old double tape from paint.

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I'm considering removing the side trims from my '96, not for ever, just to re-glue them. I was reading other posts about it, but I'm not sure what to use to safely remove the old tape from the body paint. Any advice? Thanks

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3M Citrus cleaner. Used it on the ds tape someone used to add a rear air dam to the topper on my 94.

Moderate heat from a blow dryer also helps.
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My cordless just didnt cut it. I have the M18 as well. I think the corded has twice the RPM as the M18. 1800 vs 4000 or something like that.
I run 20v dewalt. The bad thing about cordless stuff is it starts losing voltage as soon as you pull the trigger. So it gets less powerful every second you it. Its very evident in angle grinders and reciprocating saws. A 110v corded tool doesnt ever lose power. And it heats up a lot slower.

I used to have a 3/8" chucked corded drill that was older than i am now. It was a literal wrist breaker! So much torque.

I use my battery tools a lot, but there is still a place for corded and air powered tools.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts