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I need advice to safely remove old double tape from paint.

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I'm considering removing the side trims from my '96, not for ever, just to re-glue them. I was reading other posts about it, but I'm not sure what to use to safely remove the old tape from the body paint. Any advice? Thanks

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One thing on the eraser wheel, it works a lot better with a corded drill. Just my .02.
Time to retire those 20 year old cordless drills and upgrade lol.
I was in that camp until about 2 years ago and i got a new Milwaukee Fuel M18v brushless hammer drill....dude, that thing just does it, but its kind of heavy so i use my M12 drill for most stuff, but its time to retire it for a new one, had it since 2010 and now it smokes when you put it under load too long.
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