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I need advice to safely remove old double tape from paint.

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I'm considering removing the side trims from my '96, not for ever, just to re-glue them. I was reading other posts about it, but I'm not sure what to use to safely remove the old tape from the body paint. Any advice? Thanks

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I used a fishing line to "cut" the tape to separate the trim. Followed that up with a eraser wheel from 3M that worked really well. Then touched it up with 3M's adhesive remover. This was on a 2006 F-350 with the crappy door trim pieces.

Time consuming but didn't damage the paint.

If you posted a pic I wasn't able to see it.

EDIT: Now I see pic, think site was a little wonky.
Thanks, yes, I posted a picture, just for reference to show the type of trim. Thanks for your advice!
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I use a decal eraser wheel. Does a good job and doesn’t hurt the paint.

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Awesome tool, thanks!
3M Citrus cleaner. Used it on the ds tape someone used to add a rear air dam to the topper on my 94.

Moderate heat from a blow dryer also helps.
Good, thanks!
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