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Sayulita Layta!
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I've gone wheeling twice in 7 months, this is way way way down from the trip a month or every other month for the past 3 years.

I'll update this later, I'm going to go eat :thumbup

Screw the Jeep Thing
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Shit I havn't gone wheelin in almost 9 months... And only gone twice in the last 18 months... Havn't gone at all this year. Thats down from 2-3 times a month just 4 years ago... granted money is getting tight and other things going on, but still...

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:histerica We don't even have mud here in the winter.
Jesus I gotta spell it out for ya follow these very simple rules:
1. Get off your ass
2. get dressed
3. walk to the door
4. turn handle
5. open door you may need to put effort to open it
6. walk to your garden hose
7. find spickot
8. turn on water
9. spray the ground (for best results use dirt pavement is pointless)
10. go find you bronco
11. get inside (you may need to open the door for this)
12. insert key in ignition
13. turn key to start your bronco
14. put bronco in gear
15. drive through the mud
16. repeat as many times as you want
Any questions or are you going to invite me over to do it for ya?:goodfinge
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