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I want to buy a GPS any recommendations?

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I have been looking into buying a GPS, I understand some of the basic functions of them but the one I last used was years ago. I'm primarily looking for one to store wheeling locations and to help find my way back to camp. Do you guys have any favorites, what brand(s) should I stay away from? I'd like to stay in the $200 - $300 range..Thanks.
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I use a Garmin Etrex Legend ($200.)Garmin's website. It comes with 8m of memory to upload maps. The maps are pretty big so if you can afford more, the Vista comes with 24m and runs about $300. It will loose signal sometimes in thick tree coverage but only for a few seconds. I have used it many times to make maps of the trails I like to run. Its nice not to get lost anymore. I always know where I am going now. :D

Here are a couple of sites with good info:

This is the site for Geocaching- They have a great forum.
i've got pretty much the same one as Shane linked to--I've got the Magellan 300. It's a great little unit, it doesn't have the "drool factor" as some of the newer models with the maps and such, but it works great for me
I am currently using the Magellan Meridian it has been great priced from 150-500 depends on how many bells and whistles you want also comes with TOPO USA software.
from what I understand the etrex series is the best in pocket GPS out there even the Army's special forces use them. but for a dash mount GPS the magellans are more popular for their bigger screens. I personally like the etrex b/c it will go anywhere with me.
Hey, thanks guys. That helps a lot.
This is what I want. You can connect it to your laptop and watch where you go. I already have the TOPUSA 4.0 Software. The owner of the company I work for let me burn a copy. I also use it to do the maps. It's pretty killer software.

Delmore GPS
I bought this one and I love it. Very easy to use and you can load lots of maps with the software and the SD chip. You do have to buy those separately though.
Check out the "Rino" Along w/ the gps it has the 2 mile and the 5 mile 2 way radio in it. Waterproof in case yer digging yerself out of a waterhole and drop it and has a auto locator of other people who have "Rinos", so you and all yer buds who have them can keep track of where the hell ya lost eachother at and can find each other so yas can be lost together then drink more beer till u don't care :drinkbud . (Where the hell did all that come from?) :wtf :shrug You can do all sorts of neat things w/ them. l think you can do all the computer down loading stuff also.Thought l'd put in my 2 denars..
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