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i will be leaving and need help with long term storage!

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So i have some personal situations that i will have to leave my beloved truck behind at my mothers for a few years, whats the best way to store it? i know i have to get a trickle charger, i got a car cover and still need another set of jacks stands to keep it off the air....anything else like fuel stabilizer? drain the coolant? let me know !!! :)
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Is it going to be sitting un-touched or able to be started sometimes??

If untouched I would consider oil-ing down the cylinders. Yes on fuel stabilizer in the tank. Try to fill with REC gas if you can, due to ethanol blended fuels of today, REC gas here doesnt have it.
I would somewhat plan on dropping the tank when you get it back to where you can run it. 1 to empty the not great fuel, and also to make sure didnt get anything inside the tank.

Best would be if you could start it every once in awhile.
Yo Fox,
Clean battery terminals and use the cheap felt "washers". Use a trickle battery charger if possible
Some drain fuel tank and lines if stored in attached garage while other completely fill tank and add Stabil.
Remove windshield wiper mount arms, with blade and store it.
Ensure tires are pumped. Or if possible depending on location, elevating the vehicle off the ground with jack stands.

Remove the spark plugs and spray some oil into the cylinders and replace the plugs.
Change oil and if near due, filter.
If necessary spread mothballs in engine bay, especially on driver side where squirrels like to chew on and lay down next coil. Plug the tailpipe to prevent rodent setting up .

Good fortune!
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I have found dryer sheets to work as good as mothballs but without the smelll. I would defenently add some to the interior for sure, as well as under the hood.
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When I leave my boat for the winter, I use these dehumidifer boxes while the cover stays on it. It helps with the mustiness and dampness. Not sure how humid PR is, but it may help and absorb moisture if it gets in there.

Sucks that you have to leave it after all the work you have put in it. Good luck with everything!
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Have your mom fire it up every 2-3 weeks and if she’s capable drive it around the block making sure it’s to operating temps.
I would run it out of gas, take out the battery and put it on a trickle charger. Leave windows cracked a 1/2" including the rear window. I don't like car covers, especially tarps, they lock moisture in. I would put it under a car port if you can. I leave mine out year around with windows cracked 1/2" including the rear. It doesn't get too much moisture inside even in our PNW 6 month rainy season. Make sure your coolant is good if you are leaving it in a freezing climate.

I would consider pulling spark plugs and squirting some oil in all the cylinders. I would put the spark plugs back in and make the car drivable except for no fuel. I would put a stickie on the dash that says no fuel in tank. Leave a set of keys at your moms. You never know, somebody may need to move your rig while you are gone. I would also find your title and keep it somewhere where you could sign it and send it to your mom in an emergency if you ever had to have her sell it for you.

Plan on changing the motor oil and fuel filter when you get back and replacing the wiper blades. You might even buy these now and store them in the back along with an empty fuel can so you don't have to worry about rounding these up when you go to pick it up in two years.
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A few years!? Dang man hope all is okay.

As said, driving it once a month for 15 minutes is the best way to store it.

First thing is to do an extreme car wash, underside and all. Then coat the tires on all sides with dressing that wont dry them out.

If not able to drive it on occasion, remove the battery, and put it on the trickle charger. This keeps drain to a minimum and keeps a potential (very small) fire risk at bay.

Dump sta-bil in the tank. Aviation fuel would be best as it doesn't degrade like automotive fuel. Run for a few minutes so the sta-bil gets in the whole system. Remove plugs and spray an aerosolized oil into the cylinders. This will coat everything in there.
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