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even though Im still a noob too,
I think theres a few things we can do to limit the "how much lift should I get" kinda stuff.

hear me out on this one
It seems to me almost every dedicated truck site or anything has a FAQ. Some are pretty basic, lift and exhaust charts, tires...blah blah but some FAQS are pretty in depth. Pirate has a couple of "deep" ones to include stuff like gear charts popular engine mods, easy and not so easy upgrades and swaps. I have not seen a fullsize one yet. While these things do take a crap load of work it is really well worth it. I know if we had say, a chart of possible swaps from F350s and 250s I wouldnt have to ask dumbass Qs like I have been. We could put all the obvious sh!t on there and let it evolve to our website "bible". If we had a big ass botton on the home page that lead to a dedicated FAQ site it would be a huge asset to the site for noobs and vets.

secondly, one of the reasons I and Im sure plenty of others as well dont post on pirate is because Im too scared of being obliterated by their infamous gang rape roasts, it forces me to search and I always find my answer, sometimes it takes a few days but there is a sh!tload of content over there.
I propose we allow mellow roasting, like what we've been doing the last day or so.

lastly maybe one of our super computer whizzes could make up a flash movie like those "how to run windows" CDs you see on TV at 2 in the mourning, on how to search. Make it 30 seconds long and force every newly registering member to watch it before their first post. We could do the same thing with a well done FAQ make applicants look at it for a whole minute or at least click one of those "I have read understand" type boxes

anyway just a couple thoughts I had I dont really know anyone elses feeling about noob questions, but still thought Id toss it out there.
I would REALLY like a FAQ though

here is the best FAQ ever I have learned a ton from this, not truck related, but you get the idea
AR15.coms ammo FAQ

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there will be a more in depth FAQ section once the new release of this BB software comes out. It will have have many new features that will allow us to incorporate stuff like that much easier.

Trust me...this has been a topic of discussion more than once :toothless

thanks for the ideas :thumbup
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