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Checking to see if anyone else has had a similar problem.
On my 90 EB FSB when you turn the ignition back to the acc postition theres no power to any of the accsesories, no radio or power windows. Any ideas before I buy a new ignition switch.

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There can be "timing" issues with some of these Broncos where the "drive gear" inside the steering wheel that mates with the "ignition key cylinder" may be out of sync or the "ignition rod" on top of the column that hooks into the slot of the ignition switch lower down on the steering column isn't timed correctly, not traveling up or down properly which may be causing the problem, one way to tell is if you're in OFF/LOCK see if the clock display is still on, an indication "timing" is off and will run the battery down.

If you look at the ignition switch you'll notice there are "slots" on it where it mounts on the column on those 2 studs for up/down adjustment, the slots are for additional timing to match the timing above with the "drive gear" and key cylinder.

When turning the key to RUN/START a number of parts have to rotate forward simultaneously to make that happen and basically the opposite for OFF/LOCK, AUX.

There's a great thread by bronco boy - ignition actuator replacement on an 85 w/tilt or worded similar and it's a picture step by step on How To but if you look thru it you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about and what parts are involved BEFORE you consider tearing it apart.

It could also be either the key cylinder or ignition switch has an issue but not expensive to replace....

Additional help:

Good Luck ~ :thumbup

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Check w/Ford if recall was done;
Recall, Ignition Switch FSA 95S28 for 88-91 Bronco & F Series & many others; On some of the affected vehicles, a short circuit could develop in the ignition switch that could lead to overheating, smoke, and possibly fire in the steering column area of the vehicle. The condition may occur while the vehicle is in use or unattended. To correct this potential condition, the ignition switch will be replaced with a revised design switch. The wiring in the upper steering column area will also be inspected for the installation of any aftermarket electrical accessories. If an improper installation is noted you are to advise the customer of the need to have the condition corrected. These correction costs are not part of this recall. Media Announcement Announcement of this recall may occur in the media sooner than normal. Please order initial parts requirements immediately and be prepared to answer questions from owners. Circulate a copy of this bulletin to all affected dealership personnel. Special Question and Answer Information: A question and answer guide will be provided as soon as possible to assist regions and dealers when responding to customer inquiries. In addition you will be provided further information to help implement this recall as efficiently as possible. Owner Letter SAFETY RECALL 95S28 Ignition Switch Replacement Owner letters will begin to be mailed approximately July 1, 1996. Customers who bring an affected vehicle in for repair before receiving an owner letter should receive repairs promptly at no charge. OASIS and Claims Submission. Because of the large number of vehicles affected, VIN numbers cannot be identified in OASIS until approximately May 15, 1996. Please hold all claims until VIN numbers are identified in OASIS. Claims submitted before OASIS is loaded will automatically be rejected. Questions? Claims Information 1-800-423-8851. Other Recall Questions 1-800-325-5621 Attachments: Attachment I, Administrative Information, Attachment II, Labor Allowances, Parts Ordering Information, Attachment III , Technical Information. Affected Vehicle Identification Numbers cannot be identified in OASIS until approximately May 15, 1996. Before that time, use the list of affected vehicles noted above. For affected 1993 model year vehicles, refer to the vehicle build date found on the radiator support. Correct all vehicles in stock before delivery. Federal law requires dealers to complete any outstanding safety recall service before a new vehicle is delivered to the buyer or lessee. Violation of this requirement by a dealer could result in a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per vehicle. Promptly Correct Affected vehicles identified above. Hold all claims until affected Vehicle Identification Numbers are identified in OASIS which will occur approximately May 15, 1996. Claims submitted before OASIS is loaded will be automatically rejected. Enter claims using DWE. See ACESII Manual, Sections 5 and 6. Warranty and Policy Manual, See Sections 5 and 6 of the ACESII Manual.Refunds, See Section 3-59 of the ACESII Manual.Parts Purge, Return all previous level service stock to your facing PDC. Refer to Attachment II, page 2 for the instructions. All of the ignition switches listed below are to be withdrawn from your inventory and immediately returned, freight prepaid using the least expensive transportation, to your facing PDC within 30 days: E4UZ-11572-A (SW 1916) E4TZ-11572-A (SW 1562A) E6FZ-11572-A (SW 1744B) E7TZ-11572-A (SW 2101) F0LY-11572-A (SW 2219) F2TZ-11572-A (SW 2300) Ignition Switch Replacement: 1. Connect Rotunda Memory Saver 014-R1064 or equivalent. 2. Disconnect battery negative cable. NOTE: Access to the ignition switch varies depending on the vehicle line. In all cases the switch is mounted on the steering column and certain items will need to be removed to gain access. Examine the components around the ignition switch to determine what may need to be removed or positioned out of the way. Refer to the appropriate service repair manual for removal and installation procedures. Once access is gained, proceed as follows. The new ignition switch is shipped in the LOCK position. Keep the ignition lock cylinder (ignition key) in the lock position during this procedure. 3. Disconnect electrical connector from the ignition switch. 4. Remove ignition switch retaining screws. 5. Disengage switch from the actuator pin and remove switch from vehicle. 6. Remove the positioning clip from the new ignition switch if so equipped, and install the switch onto the actuator pin. Align the switch mounting holes with the column lock housing threaded holes. 7. If supplied, install new retaining screws. If re-installing original screws, apply Ford Threadlock and Sealer E0AZ-19554-AA (CXC-70) or equivalent to the threads. Tighten to 6-8 N-m (53-70 in-lb). 8. Connect electrical connector to the ignition switch. Ensure that the connections are tight and fully seated. 9. Connect battery negative cable and remove Rotunda Memory Saver. 10. Check ignition switch for proper function, including START and ACC positions. 11. Check the wiring in the area of the upper steering column. If abrasion or exposure of bare wires is found, repair as necessary. If aftermarket accessory wiring is improperly connected, advise the vehicle owner. Advise also that repairs of such faults are at customer expense. 12. Install any components previously removed for access ensuring that no wires are pinched and the components are properly seated. Refer to appropriate service repair manual as required. READ MORE
Source: by Ford via Chilton

Switch Pin-Out Diagram & Continuity Testing (Logic Tables) in 80-91 & 92-96
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

Ignition Switch Logic Tables
Battery - Y - 37
Accy1 - Bk/LG - 297
Accy2 - Gy/Y - 687
Ign1 - R/LG - 16
Ign2 - Br/Pk - 262
Start - R/LB - 32
Proof1 - Pu/Wh - 977
Proof2 - Bk/LB - 41

Troubleshooting in 87-91 (from Factory Manual and the Ford Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM)
Source: by Broncobill78 (Dave) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums

Wiring Diagram in 87-91 (from Factory Manual and the Ford Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM)
Source: by Broncobill78 (Dave) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums
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