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I needed to replace the rear sway bar bushings, but I disliked how low the factory setup was. :doh0715:

I drive my truck too fast to remove the sway bars

I found this Jeep XJ sway bar kit from Pro Comp :toothless
Part # 55597B = $46 @ Summit Racing

They are 3in shorter and have better bushings IMO :rockon

Here is the end result. Sway bar is now higher than the shock mounts! :chili:


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Nicely fix all that rust!!!
:cry it took me 6 months just to find the time for these sway bar links. I only changed them out because I missed bronco time, and it took less than an hour. I wish I had more time :doh0715:
That will keep those end links out of the mud, thanks. Just curious, do those shocks still work ?
those Monroe Sensatrac Shocks are only 4 years old
I was thinking about fabbing something up for mine, but at that price, I might just buy the kit.

Thanks for the info!
can't beat the price :drinkbud
Thats awesome dude. Some thing that I was looking for-- I miss my sway bars so Im trying to figure out some quick disconnects.
Replace the bolts with pins, many places sell kits for that
Now that theyre shorter, have you found the ride to be any different? id think that would affect the leverage applied to the bar, altho maybe not enough to be noticeable :shrug
Only change is from the worn out bushings :duh

The leverage comes from the length that the sway bar extends from the axle.
Looks good. I'd ramp it to check travel/binding. Does it wheely better now?
I drove over some stuff at an angle, and it works better than the stock front sway bar :toothless :shrug
wait, this wouldnt work if your truck was lifted huh?
:shrug you'd have to look at your trucks needs and do your own homework :goodfinge
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