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IN cab winch wiring for warn 9000i and new switch panels

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Well, ive been busy making new switch panels for the rig, mostly because i wanted to wire up an in cab winch controller

From left to right is the 3 position momentary winch controller (up is in, middle is off, and down is out) the winch arming switch, the York on switch and then obviously the ARB switch

The panel is made from 16ga sheetmetal. i cut out the stock electric 4x4 switch, and made the panel to fit.

the switches are all from del city. good prices, fast delivery.

After running the wiring from the switches out through the floor board, there are two seperate connections to make. First you need a hot and ground for the arming switch, and then you need to wire up the winch. i got the wiring diagram from the below link after searching on pirates

this is the wiring diagram in the link.

I ran the winch wires out and along the power wire for the winch

Then, after removing the top cover plate for my warn 9000, i drilled the hole for the wires, keeping it on the wire side and away from the manual lever for clutch engagement on the winch

Then, following the diagram, i hooked up the wires. Its not exactly the same as the diagram shows, but if you follow the wires shown in the diagram you can figure it out and it comes out right. I also used a test light and the warn remote control to make sure i was connecting to the correct posts.

I used a white wire instead of the black one in the diagram, cause i ran out of black (all wire is 12 gauge). The pic does not show the final routing of wires, but was done this way to show where the wires were attached to the posts.

After that, i remounted the winch and new aluminum fairlead to go with the new "plasma" rope I got from Ted at Because rope doesnt fair well in the Sun's UV rays, I made a cover for the front of the winch

I had some retired 5" rubber hose from work, and cut a panel large enough to cover the front of the winch. i used adhesive backed velcro to attach it to the winch, so its easily removable. The hose also makes a great chaffing protector for the rope while winching.

The cover painted and attached (painted with spray paint).

I can still use the warn remote, or winch from in the cab. Its a nice addition so i dont have to have the remote controller wired in and strung along the hood, under the wiper blade and into the cab like we all have done in the past.

Here is a pic of the lower switch plate I made as well. i have lots of extra switches. A few are currently used for lights, and stuff, and the two with covers on them to the right are for the line locks that are going in when i do the rear disc brake swap in the coming weeks. Of course there will be a write up for that when i am done. Between the two panels is the new Vernier throttle controller (from ) i am still hooking up. Its mounted where the factory rear defroster switch used to be.
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Bitchin' work man.Looks good.
Looks good.:twotu:
Looks like you got enough switches to run hydraulics or air bags.:chili:
Then you could cruise the trails hitten switches.:goodfinge
very nice...may have to try that soon.
don't you find those led rockers so bright they ruin your nightvision?
they are pretty bright, especially these blue ones Im using here. The thing hasnt been on the road since its been put together, and wont be till friday, so I guess i will see then.
Looks really good. You should give some switches to the passenger to play with.
plug ugly said:
they are pretty bright, especially these blue ones Im using here. The thing hasnt been on the road since its been put together, and wont be till friday, so I guess i will see then.
i think i have the same kind (blue) and had to kind of black out the led and just leave a little tiny bit showing because it totally blinds you at night. i used black enamel paint. let us know about how bright the red and amber ones are (if you have those).
for the LED switches just run a resistor in the ground line for the light, resistor value is your choice depending on brightness needed. If you are really looking to be tricky. run a Zener (or voltage regulator) and a relay to select the brightness depending on your headlights. Post interest and I will go to the trouble of drawing up a schematic.
is 865 a decent price for this winch or can i find it cheaper somehwere
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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