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1991 F250 Extended Cab Long Bed 4x4 460 E40D Automatic Transmission

Runs, Drives, Stops, clean title

High (2k) idle at the moment - believe it's the IAC

brakes stick if it sits too long, but if it's daily driven, they are fine

rust around the windshield - but new windshield. I left the trim off so I could either clean and/or caulk before putting trim back. Still dribbles in some weather on passenger side.

Coolant and oil are checked regularly and don't need added

If you let it sit and run, and than pull with force, it smokes. But regular driving it does not.

Brand new all-terrain tires before last winter. Grips a wet 45* slope nicely.

Hot Heat and radio works in at least 1, maybe both speakers

Auto windows work, but doors have to be manually locked.

I have all new parts ($300+) including outer axle u-joints - just looking for a time to replace.

Primer paint job.

Windshield washer doesn't work.

Sell or may trade for 4x4 manual or suburban/expedition or bronco



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