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Discount Tire and DX4 need your help.

In addition to the 7S and Tuff wheel models, DX4 will be adding a third model to their line-up called Gear. The DX4 Gear will be available in 15-inch through
17-inch sizes in 5 and 6 lug bolt patterns for lifted and stock trucks and SUVs. Pricing will be similar to the DX4 models currently available for purchase.

What we want to know is:

  • What do you think of the finishes, specifically the Dark Earth finish?
  • Is this a model you would purchase for your vehicle and if so, what size and finish?

DX4 Gear - Dark Earth

DX4 Gear - Dark Earth w/Machined Face

DX4 Gear - Matte Black

DX4 Gear - Matte Black w/Machined Face

DX4 Gear Specs

We, as well as DX4, appreciate any and all feedback!


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sorry... but I don't really care for it. reminds me too much of the old honeycomb's. :shrug

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Not a fan of the dark earth color. Too desert camo looking maybe? I like the machined face/black, but I'm a big fan of shiny...
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