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Paul91 said:
If you do the math and have large enough mounting plates you can account for huge amounts of weight per square inch. I had some concerns about my "roll bar" so I had my mechanicel engineer friend crunch some numbers on what I had in place. Turns out I can just about set 2 broncos on the bar and still have the weight supported.
weight of vehicle and the force put on the cage during an impact are two different things, but I agree a bolt in cage can be done well. it is better than nothing, and in most rock crawling, trail riding, and mudding applications, the severity of the rollovers do not warrant a cage needed by say, a prerunner. also using a sandwich system to connect the plates on the cage, to plates under the floor that connect to the frame is easily done and adds alot of strength.

but no, nobody sells a bolt it. have someone build you one, and tell them to make it bolt it.
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