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Installing a 302-351W

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I was wondering if anybody has any Idea what engine towers and mounts I would need to install a 302 in a 79 bronco? Or what combination will work with modification.
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I put a 351W in my 78, it uses the same towers just get mounts for a truck with a 302, what are you going to use for the trans a transfer,
I am using the np435 in stock location with early bronco belhousing
i have a 79 bronco and i did the same thing also i put a 302 engine in it .i recent had a 80 bronco and i just switch everything
from the 80 to the 79 even though it was a lot of work
do a write up on here on how it runs after the swap, if you like engine better than stock one.
If only I would have saved stuff back then I could have given you the entire package you need....I took a 302 out of my 81 since it had a broken piston skirt 10 years ago. I had a 400 and a big C-6 so that is what I put in. All of the alt., P.S.pump, A/C brackets has to be swapped as well as the engine mounts, but if I remember correctly it was pretty much plug and play. I used the same PS pump and alt but the brackets were sourced from an earlier one.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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