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1994 Bronco 351W, E4OD 6" Superlift, 35 BFG KM3 4.56 gears Detroit
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I know it has been beat to death but in reading several searches I am getting ready to install some. My question is that I have read in one of the more recent threads on this subject that a good spot on a '92-'96(crumple zone frame) is on the inside of the frame rail(horn) where the bumper mount is. I am taking measurements before cutting bumper and it looks like i will only have about an 1/8" of steel between the front bolt and the end of the horn. These are the hooks I bought: driven-_-Recently Viewed-_-Category Page

Will this be enough to hold tight or should I grind down some of the back side of the hook to allow for more room on the front.

Bring it down to my place and we will look at it and see what we can do. Those hooks should do just fine. What do you have to pull from in the rear??
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