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You should not need the resister to run the 3G alternator. I converted my 79' (with gauges) over to the 3G and all I did was disconnect the regulator harness, ran 4 gauge wire from the alternator thru the 175 AMP fuse to the battery side of the stater relay. I did have to find a new location to plug the choke heater into and I found the voltage regulator harness had one socket that was 12 volts (normal off the alternator to the choke is 7 volts) so I plugged it in there. My dash gauge still works, as well as the voltmeter I put in. I don't trust AMP gauges as they don't give you a true indication of what you alternator is doing.

If you do a search for "3G alternator up grade", you will find numerous threads in dealing with this conversion.
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