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Throwing in a few select pics of my door panels and rear interior panels. I'm a milsurp fan and source some good wood locally. American Walnut 3/4" planks and rivnuts.I reaking LOVE rivnuts, I'll never go back to stupid sheet metal screws again! Each panel is easy to remove/replace/repair. The rivnuts let you find the hole, start a thread, then come back and zoom them in. No guessing if you found the hole. With rivnuts you can squeeze those panels on tight!

There was lots of sanding and lets just say the HF wood rasps set is worth about 37 - 20% off coupons now. Next up is finish the pieces that need PTO (PURE Tung Oil - not that half diluted crap from the local...), put in some black flathead screws. Maybe some rubber on the backside. insulation later on.

Can't wait to back in the sun of traffic with the top off and blind all the cagers with the glistening good wood while they stare out mindlessly over their air conditioned faux-wood interior. PLANKS SON!

Full pics in build thread:


81 - 83 of 83 Posts