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Hi, all. I've always been a Ford guy... Have had a Ford of some kind or another since I was a kid (I'm now 46). Since 91, it's been about 6 different kinds of Explorers up until 2004, when I bought one new, and been driving her ever since.

When I was a kid, my parents moved out to Eastern Oregon, out in the middle of nowhere. The winters were pretty harsh, and to get up and down our very steep 1-mile driveway, they bought a Bronco... This must have been '78, if I remember right. That Bronco would tackle ANYTHING, including 4-wheeling. In the summer, they'd take off the roof and we'd have a convertible. It was the most awesome truck, ever, to a 10 year old...

Now, I got married and have a 16-year old step son who is learning how to drive. My wife and I thought, "what's the biggest lump of metal, short of a tank, that we can put him into and not worry about him getting crushed?" I was considering an Explorer, or an F150, or possibly a Land Rover, until I ran across this shiny black 1995 Bronco that just LURKED in the yard of the seller. I had to buy it. It was $2500, but I think I paid about $2500 too much, since the engine was crapped out and so was the transmission. come to think of it, so was the entire suspension, the front differential, the wheel bearings, the steering pump, the steering gear, the interior carpet, the headliner, the rear window, the speakers, the stereo, you get the drift...

I've done a COMPLETE overhaul on the stinker, taking the engine apart down to the block, and the E4OD transmission apart down to the last nut & bolt. I think the transmission is going to work (it's sitting there awaiting placement), and I'm scared to death to start the engine, and it's almost ready to bolt onto the tranny. I'm awaiting a custom-fit exhaust pipe, because i'm putting a 5.8L into the bay where there was a 5.0L, and I forgot I needed new exhaust pipes.

oh well. anyhow, I'm VERY glad there is an alive and vibrant Bronco community. I love this car, and always have. Good for you guys, keeping these Broncs in good repair! Neat.

My dad was a total gear-head and taught me every summer to take apart and put back together cars. i'm trying to do this with my 16 year old, but his attention is more on you-tube videos than turning a wrench, which he says "hurts his fingers".

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