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First off hello to everyone, my name is seth and i have a 4wd 1995 f150 w the 5.8 e4od bw1356e. I bought this truck simply as a daily driver at first but after about 6 months of owning it i decided to build it. Ive browsed the fsb forums enough here and there searching for answers and info on various things so i figured i may as well go ahead and join. Heres a few pics of my truck...

And here is my threat motorsports long travel front end sitting in my garage that will be going into my truck as soon as i accumulate a few more parts

4.88s and a Detroit Truetrac for the front

And for the rear i am building a disc brake 14 bolt....this is where the questions start. (if i am wrong please correct me) I am new to fords but the way i understand it, there is a vss in the 8.8 rear end and its important to keep this so the transmission will shift properly. My thought was that since i have an electronically shifted 1356 w a slip yoke, I would just buy a spare 1356 tcase with the manual shifter and fixed yoke.

When i swap the 14 bolt into the back the plan was to swap in the new 1356 and install a vss relocation kit that has the tone ring and sensor on the rear yoke of the tcase. I picked up what i thought was a 1356 w manual shift and fixed yoke this weekend....but after powerwashing it I now see that it is in fact a 1354.

After reading differences between the two, it doesnt seem like any of the tiny differences will be detrimental to my build. The only problem i can see now after carefully looking at my tcase and the new one is that the 1354 has a cable coming out of it to drive the speedometer and my truck looks to have wires/an electronically driven speedometer.

I am kind of confused at this point as to exactly what each speed sensor does (rear end and tcase vss). I really want/need my speedo to work so i figured this would be the best place to ask if it is feasable to keep this 1354 and make it work in my truck or would i be better off finding another 1356 w a fixed yoke and manual shifter but out of a newer truck/bronco with an electronic speedometer like mine.

Would it be possible just to swap the speedometer gauge out of an older cluster into mine and buy a speedo cable or does the trans rely on both vss to shift properly. thanks for the help (hopefully lol)
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