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John O'Reilly hoisted his beer and said, "Here's to spending the rest
>of me life, between the legs of me wife!"
>That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!
>He went home and told his wife, Mary, "I won the prize for the Best
>toast of the night"
>She said, "Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?"
>John said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church
>beside me wife."
>"Oh, that is very nice indeed, John!" Mary said.
>The next day, Mary ran into one of John's drinking buddies on the
>street corner. The man chuckled leeringly and said, "John won the

>the other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary."
>She said, "Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself. You
know, he's only been there twice in ! the last four years. Once he fell
asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him come."
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