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My '81 sat for over 4 years out in a field without moving when I got it. All it needed was some new belts, gaskets around the carb, and a fuel pump. Drove it 700 miles home. Usually the stuff to go when sitting is just gaskets.

Its amazing what cleaning a vehicle can do for the resale value. When I got mine, the paint was so dull, you'd have thought it was primer. The windows had also been left down, so it was filled with sticks and garbage. A wash, wax, interior cleaning (about 5 hours) and it looked 15 years newer.

Its very possible that you could give it an oil change, new belts, spark plugs, wash and wax it, and sell it for double. I second not selling it with a lift. As cool as they are, nowadays, lift = less gas mileage in the eyes of a potential buyer.
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