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Is this another interior light outlet?

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I was doing the Peel N Seal treatment to the back end of my Bronco today and taking the time to become more intimately familiar with my new toy. I noticed for the first time this bump in the rear area and when I pulled it out I saw the plug. It had three wires (Green/yellow, Black/blue and Black). About the only thing I could think of is it could be for a second interior light. Am I correct? If not, what is it? Anyone have a picture of what usually is mounted in that spot.


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I think its for the 3rd brake light but I'm not positive.
That is for another courtesy light that gets mounted to the headliner.
I kinda thought it was but since This is the only Bronco I've ever been in, I don't really know what I'm missing when it comes to other creature comforts that were put into them over the years. I knew it wasn't the brake light because I pulled it out to see what was behind it and saw nothing but the wiring harness. Now if I could just get a picture of the other courtesy light so I'd know what to look for. I've thought about just getting an interior light from teh parts store and fabbing it up. Other than looking Ghetto, that's my only hangup about it.
A lot of other fords use the light you need.... Aerostars, Explorers.. and a few others. I just picked one up from a junk yard out of an Aerostar.
O, thanks. I'm looking for any U Pull It's around the area that may have a Bronco or three in them that I may be able to go get parts from. I'm looking for a few odds and ends to add to it to increas the interior comforts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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