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Yo Dale,
Members have installed seats from the aftermarket and from other vehicle makes, however some may not tilt and slide forward, therefore rear seat access would be difficult.
Installation (Corbeau) in a 90 by rugerp89ipsc (mean green) @ 1990 Ford Bronco seat swap pictures, videos, and sounds |
Some excerpts:
"...four bolts hold it down, the hard part is the angle on the front. I needed and extension bc I could not get enough movement in my ratchet. Otherwise, piece of cake."

"...there she is, soon as i get another 400 bucks i will swap the other side"

Here is a typical work around for modifying a replacement seat;

Installation Info (1999 F 150) buckets in an 88; "...I had to drill new holes in the stock bronco brackets to accomodate the studs from the f-150 seats. I also had to drill 2 new holes in the floor because the f-150 slider brackets are further apart about 1".. It worked out ok because there is a little reinforcement panel underneath the bronco body and you still hit it when re-drilling. For the passenger side, I added some angle iron to the bronco flip-seat bracket to get my extra width I needed, pretty simple actually..."
Source: by arvy88bronco (The Black Peach)

Newer Explorer Seats (12-16) @ Newer Explorer Seats (12-16) in a 92 Bronco

Installation Info & pic (Explorer) in an 89; "Hardest part was drilling the holes and leveling the seats so there was no binding; Only one hole lined up for me, so I had to drill the other three. I did bend the front bracket a little to get it to contour a little better to the floor. Also, I would attach the front two bolts first, then drill the rear and shim level as needed. Other than that, it was pretty simple. I also put in a separate fuse block for the seats and my CB so I didn't have to run too much wire or tap into another source. Not sure what model mine were from, but tilting the seat forward and scooting it up all the way allows fairly easy access to the back from the passenger side. My driver's seat tilt lever is broke, so I haven't been able to test that side, but my old seats didn't tilt far enough either, so I never had anyone getting in on that side. Also, I removed my center console, so it's really easy to just climb over the front seat and crawl through the middle. At least with my electric Explorer seats, there was no easy way to unbolt just the floor brackets and keep the motors and such intact..."
Source: by hmthesing (Hunter T) at FSB

Installation Info & pics (300Z) in a 95; "... I swapped my torn up leather seats today for some 300Z seats. ($200.00 on Craigslist). I swapped out the tracks and the seat bases allowed 3 out of 4 holes to be drilled and bolted, but on the back corner I had to make a bracket. Driver side was power and I had to remove 2 of the three motors to make it work (Back and forth and up and down.) It took a good hour to figure out the driver seat rewire, but ultimately I was able to plug it into the lumbar air power source from my old seat after splicing the connector and some of the remaining wiring. Had to cut away some of the metal underneath to allow the tracks to fit properly, but it worked out very well I think and is a very neat installation. Seats sit about an inch lower than the originals, but feel awesome..." must register to view pics
Source: by J. Mark M (DAMIAN) at FSB

Installation (90's Cherokee) in a 90
Source: by 90Beater (Topher, Chris)

For a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use;
Hollander Quality Replacement Parts | Find Used Auto Parts | Online Locator
A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped including some Canadian yards.
"...For over eighty years, Hollander has been making the best tool for fast, interchangeable part matches. The new Edition Hollander Interchange contains more interchangeable options than ever before.
The Hollander Interchange provides auto recyclers and auto collectors, rebuilders, and others with the easiest and most comprehensive solution for identifying interchangeable auto parts..." See their yard Directory @ Seller Directory | Used Auto Parts | Hollanderparts
Can select a certain part. Search for 1990 >Ford > Bronco > Interior > Front Seat > Alternate Front Seat
However their photos are not available today.

or Auto Parts Market
Can select certain parts,such as 1990 Ford Bronco (Full Size) Seat, Front Non-Interchange search for year: 1990
One result of many;

1990 Ford Bronco Seat Assembly, Front-Stock# 32963 • Pasco Auto Wrecking, Pasco, WA


1990 Ford Bronco Full Size Seat Assembly, Front-Stock# 170013 • Bonanza Auto Dismantlers, Shingle Springs, CA

Just this one pic.

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