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It's a trailer, but, it's not..

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I'm in the market for a trailer in a few months as it stands that I'll be here for good.. It appears that way anyhow.

So, I'm wanting to bring all of my toys here (ATVs, Motorcycles, and dirt bikes), and when they are here I'll have to tug them around. Back home, I had a friends trailer at will as he housed it on my land, but here, I'm not so lucky. So as I was looking up trailers & plans to build a trailer I came across this, it's kinda cool, beats dragging a trailer everywhere.

Kinda curious to what everyone else thought of this, plus im bored.

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Crazy! That must be fun to drive without a car on the back, you would turn ALOT of heads with that rig.
seems cool at first but having a trailer would be a lot more reasonable. when you are done with it you can just unhook it and still have a driveable car. think about parking that thing :toothless still a cool design though. by the way what car is that? looks like a chopped limo?....
That's slightly more ******* than an el camino
I saw a truck done up just like that... some guy had taken a Toronado drivetrain, and stuffed it under the front of his F350, and goobed on some 16ft lowboy flatbed to it. Then there's that picture of the same sort of thing, done to an older caravan

Sure, it might be nice to have a powered trailer like that, but just means one more vehicle to feed... one more vehicle to keep the maintainence up on... stick with a trailer
I keep hearing rumors you need a commercial CDL to haul a vehicle *on* another vehicle (not trailer), but that could just be rumors like hydraulic steering is illegal..........
thats cool. I'd build one, but probably wouldn'ut use it often since an actual car trailer would work a lot better.
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