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Ok, I used the james duff extended radius arms for my d 60 sas.

I still think they will be worth the money, but they gave me some trouble making them work.

Caster angle being #1, my 79 d60 already had about 2degrees built in to it. Then the arms are sent to you with 4.5 to 5 degress offset built in to them. Well I was careless and did not add all of this together and welded the tabs on with another 2 degrees of offset. Well the arms stretch back futher than the stage II arms of a ttb lift, thus putting the attaching points lower to the ground, making an almost non existant angle at ride hieght. So now I am stuck with way to much caster offset. The only way I could come close to fixing it, is by putting in 7 deggree bushings backwards. So now it is just about right.

Also jdenterprises is having a problem with the head units they have been making,

The arms have a cast head unit that uses the original arm cap thingy to hold onto your axle. JD started to send new bolts to replace the old ones when installing the new arms. But something is wrong with the bolts and the threads of the cast head unit. When I put the bushing in and started to tighten down the cap to the arm, the bolts froze.(yes i was torquing them evenly) The bolts would not go any further in or out, the only way i could get the cap off was to break the bolts, and hope to remove the studs later. The studs would not come out, and after a trip tot he machine shop the studs were removed but the threads were destroyed. I called up James duff, and they said they have had other complaints about the same problem. They asked I f I would send One unit back to them so they could check it out and see what went wrong, and they would pay for shipping. Then also they sent a new set of head units the same day. To make a long story short, the new units with the old bolts worked like a charm. I had to tighten and untighten them 4 times, to match the correct bushings to the caster angle.

Then also the mounting points on the frames are made for early broncos with a boxed frame.

I would have liked to make a whole new bracket (which i may end up doing.) But it is required to cut one side off and atatch tot he frames as you would before.

here is a link to a really good right up

But as he did on his case I did not want to just weld the bracket the same as he did, because then it is only being held on to the frame by the side of the bracket, nothing under neath. But also there is not any room between the heim joint and bracket for a bolt to go in there. So i had to weld a piece of angle iron to the back to function as a mounting point

sorry about the poor pictures, it was cold outside.
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