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im doing an SAS and sterling swap this summer.
i have read and searched all over this site- and ive read alot of good info.

im going to run a 6" coil up front with a dana44.

now- in the rear... im confused.
should i try to achieve the same amount of lift in the rear as the front? that might sound stupid- let me re-phrase: if i use a 6" coil in the front+ the 2" gained in the SAS swap= 8-9" of lift. should i go for 8-9" of lift in the rear as well?
i have read all my options- and i DONT want to go blocks.
-i was thinking of getting new leaf packs from JBG. but- they only have up to 4.5" of lift.
- i saw that JBG also has lifted f2/350 rear leafs. could i go with a 6" f250 spring and then once i get it mounted (because theyre longer IIRC) ill have about 8" of rear lift?
-or can i acheive the lift i need by a shackle flip and 2" lift leaf packs?

i feel like a noob for asking a quesiton like that- but i couldnt find it in searches...

thanks in advance,

EDIT: i started asking around- and found my answer. can a MOD delete this?
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