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"I'm a highly paid Hollywood actor,but in real life I play,

Costner's down in Louisiana with these machines he's invested 15 years and 24 million bucks into.

BP seems to be down to one last shot with their topkill idea of clogging the pipeline with chunks of rubber,rope and golf balls.IMO,the machines Costner's got may be a little too little,but every little bit helps.I had my own idea for something similar to a DrainKing plumbers use,but the pressure at those depths,and the pressure needed to inflate it,not to mention getting it inside the pipeline would probably make it unfeasible.The effects of this rupture is something we're going to be living with for the rest of our lives,and the damage to the ecosystem will be there long after we're gone.Sometimes,I can't help thinking mankind is one nasty animal,too intelligent for his own damn good.What's the old saying? Just smart enough to be dangerous.

EDIT: Even though I misspelled his name,I've always like Kevin as an actor,and had no idea he had developed these centrifuges.I applaud his efforts to help clean up this damn mess.And really loved Open Range.
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