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Guys, I did search and came up with a very informative thread with pix, which involved tearing the whole column out

my question, 90, auto, column, refpace just the cylinder, as I understand it,

1 buy new cylinder
2 turn old one to on
3 put pin in the little hole
4. Pull out old cylinder
5. put pin back in hole
6 insert new cylinder
7 turn to off
8. pull pin out
9. drink a brew and congratulate the hell out of myself.

As I am mechanically impaired, and need the truck to complete some weekend work, have I missed or forgotten a step?

Thanx, you may flame if you wish, I have no shame.:chili:

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That sounds about right, when you push on the pin you have to push hard going up and it will come out. If you look at it you'll see the pin on the end of the cylinder and if you turn the key when it's in your hand the pin will move in & out . Make sure you check inside and you'll see a snap ring, washer and gear. I would put some lube in there and on the end of the key cylinder.

Good Luck ~ :thumbup
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