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RIP Spring Creek Off Road
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King of the Creek - Feb 16th Houston, TX

Here's a chance to show what you and your rig are made of. One class, any tire, motor, run watcha brung. Off road course with some mud, rocks, hills, woop te do's, and a jump or two. Fastest truck wins. Hundred dollar entry, 100% purse return. Helmets, fire extinguisher, seatbelts, and roll cage required. This should be an awesome event for those that are not afraid to flog their truck. There should be no "impossible" holes to winch through so it should go quick. We will take the first thirty trucks to register. Hurry!!!!!

Check for details :rockon

Anyone that has been to the 2nd day of any of the Super Truck Shootouts will be familiar with how this event will run. Ask any questions you have and I can answer them in this thread.
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