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Leaky gasket woes

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I was looking at a couple of posts dealing with the ever annoying oil pan gasket. This isn't much of a write up but hopefully it can help prevent a few headaches.

Obviously, the one-piece oil pan gasket is the way to go. However if you happen to be stuck with a four-piece gasket, here's a little secret I've learned: Go to your friendly auto parts store and buy a tube of the yellow super weatherstrip adhesive (I think it has a 9001 or 9004 part number on some tubes) or as I affectionately call it, "gorilla snot". Also pick up a tube of the red hi-temp silicone gasket sealr while you are at it.

Begin by gluing the two side-rails to your block with the gorilla snot. Than do the rubber end pieces, making sure to get the adhesive in the corners. Press the gasket to the block as it dries making sure you have good contact. As the adhesive sets up, apply a thin layer of the red silicone all the way around the gasket putting an extra dab at all four corners. Put on your pan and voila! No more leaks. I have had great succes with this method and if done correctly, so will you.

THis method is also great for alot of other gaskets. Try it on your water pump. Glue the gasket to the pump, apply a thin layer of silicone and install. Ditto for the timing cover, and it works great on transmission pans. Just make sure any of your sealing surfaces are clean and dry, any trace of oil can hinder thr sealing to the surface.

Like I said, not much of a write up, but I'm sure somebody can make good use of it :thumbup
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You mean thats not the continous oil change option? :drinkbud
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