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Several months ago while having a conversation with my daughter, she mentioned she had filled the Bronco for the first time in a long, long time. $80.00 some dollars she says. I immediately fell about the place laughing about someone so dumb to drive a gas hog like that. :doh0715:

A few days later I went to an auction. There were a few reasonable beaters there. However the rising gas costs in Southern California emboldened some folks to bid so high there was no way to justify the price if they drove 100,000 miles a year and parked a Sherman tank.

Well golly. Here came a Bronco. An '86 with injection, a 302 and an AOD. Well Heck Just a little bid, right? Maybe one more?


Oh dear. The benefit is the dude with no license who lost the truck ( No. Car. Can't be a truck. We already have a truck. Don't need another.) had just filled the 30 gallon tank. Hmmmm. $90 bucks worth of gas. Guess we can afford the $625 and license.

Well, to carry forward, my boy loves this thing. Been trying to get him interested in something other than 1100CC sport bikes and way too old (22y/o):goodfinge women for a long time, but the juices are flowing or raging, depending on the time of day or day of the week. Nothing makes sense. We're keeping this toy.

The kicker and point of this long winded tale is tonight I found out one of my favorite posters at FSB is my son in law. His signature line grabbed me the first day and I've giggled regularly over his trials. Of course, he's young, I'm esteemly well yeared, my Bronco will be best. Right?


Oh really?

So here we go. Bronco war: rockon...............:chili:

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whos your son in law?

and why'd it take so long to figure it out?
They live in Hawaii, I don't. I wasn't really into Broncos because I'd never had one. We've had 4by4's, but they were trucks. I stumbled on this site looking for information to fix my POS and never really considered him being here.

Is your daughter hot?
Ask him. That's just gonna get me in trouble.:chili:

And does she put out?
See above...................:whiteflag

And I apologize the post rambled lots. Can't understand why.:beer
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