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1989 Bronco XLT 351W with C6, manual locking hubs. 6” suspension lift with 35” Cooper tires
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In an effort to make my bronco ride “smoother”, I’m trying to make the suspension a little softer. It’s got a 6” procomp with 35’s on 15” wheels so it’s not going to handle like a car or anything but on my list of “to-do’s” is steering first, then gears and then suspension. My question is this. Is it worth keeping the kit I have and changing things like a new leaf pack in lieu of the add-a-leaf? Installing extended radius arms in lieu of the drop brackets it has? Or would it be easier/cheaper to buy a new kit with all of this? And if so, what kit is recommended? Procomp stage 2? BDS?

The purpose of this truck is show/weekend cruiser but the cruises may consist of off roadish driving at our family farm in the ozarks. No where close to getting scratched and all but fields, gravel/rock roads, etc.

Thanks in advance!!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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