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lighting suggestion needed.

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hey y'all

im in need of somemore off road lighting.
i am moving out, way out to the sticks in a few weeks, and want to add some bright illumination to the roof rack.

i m on a budget as usual, so i wont be springing for another set of piaa's this time around.
but i am wondering what y'alls experience with other lighting options may be or have been.

i saw some 5" lights at harbor freight today that are 55w h3, never used a light like that before so i dont know what to expect from them. they are cheap though.

my piaa's are 100w or something, and i think that they should be brighter.

i am looking for bright, like hid bright, minus the grand of loot needed.

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Check this out and see what you think 4 6 inch 100 watt lights and wiring kit for $107

Other wise you can go to a farm/fleet type store and get flood or spotlights for tractors usually 6-20 bucks. with the bigger kits i would run bigger wire than what they send with though.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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