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85 Bronco, 309ci I6 w/4bbl, np435, 4" lift, 37" Irok NDs, 4.56 w/ Detroit Locker and tru trac
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I could but I need the 410 gears and don't want to spend money. I might even skip the front locker and spend my money on a good winch.
That's a tough call. You can find 4.10 d44 and d44hd third members, but they are rarer. Theres two in the JY with the even rarer 5.0 only option of 3.31 gears.

A front traction aid of any kind is very very useful. Never knew what I was missing till I got a TT up front.

@BigBlue94 do you run the truetrac? Front and rear?

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I'm running the Truetrac up front and a Detroit Locker in the 8.8, with 4.56 gears. I'm trading the truetrac third member for a Detroit locker third member sometime with a member here. He wanted TT and I wanted a full locker. For about $100 shipping it's better than buying a new one!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts