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Hello everyone, As my user name implies, my name is steve. Kidding. I'm Josh. I have been lurking here for a while. Reading threads about routine maintenance and what to look for in purchasing a new bronco.

Finally made my purchase last week. A 1990 Bronco XLT with a 351W. It's a little rough around the edges. But i'm happy with her. Can't wait to get to the modifications. All the reading I've done here has gotten me ready to go. Ill take some pictures soon. Was too busy mudding today :rockon to get around to it.

glad to be here. Lot's of information and so far nice people ready to help.


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Welcome :beer what are your plans?
Thanks! :thumbup


Fix Leaks.
*has a serious coolant leak from around the water or ps pump area.
*Has a rear main seal oil leak.
Do all the "routine" fix ups that are in the tutorial section. 3G, Saginaw, Ignition.
Need opinions on a new Air filter/Air Box/CAI setup.
Replace all hoses and belts.
New Water Pump.
Fix Vac lines.
Fix a CEL

Trans, Transfer Case and drive train:

Going to upgrade the transmission. Have it rebuilt or replaced with a different new beefier transmission. It has an E4OD. Shifts OK. Not looking for maximum performance. Simply longevity as my daily driver with the capability to do some offroad activities.

Same with Transfer Case. Going to rebuild or replace.

Need to do TRE Flip (Upon installing a modest 4" or so lift.) going to be rolling on new 35s. Also going to be replacing all bushings and the tie rods. All brand new steering.

I'm lost as what to do with axles. SAS? i don't know.

The rear wheel arches are rotted out about 2 inches above the wheel well opening. I figure Ill just cut that rotted piece out and install some fender flares from JBG. Thoughts? would love opinions on what to do here.


Fix the tailgate/rear window. I removed the motor and have the rear window down permanently. I may just gut the whole thing and fab up a baja mesh to go across the rear opening. Figure out a quick cover for rain. But it's dry most of the year here in AZ.

Going to strip the entire interior and give it a coating of bedliner. Run all my new wiring. Going to install a 6 panel on/off that will pigtail to the driver side door. wire the winch and led lighting there. Cover all that with Sound damping material then top with industrial carpet.

Figure Ill get the rear seat Upholstered. Or at least throw a slip cover over it. Going to replace the front seats and install a tuffy box center consol.

Also going to be installing a slide out box in the rear to hold all my essentials. Firearms and the like. May use a tuffy here also. Not sure.

Simple but high quality head unit, nice speakers nothing fancy, a small amp and a single 12.

CB radio with Whip. important to me to have this essential piece of equipment.

Tool Box with all major necessities.

Misc things I'm sure I forgot about. That I can update later.

Please everyone give me input and your thoughts on the proposed plans I have for this rig. Thank you for reading.


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