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lookie what I bought the missus!

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She's washed it more in the last 3 weeks than she did the Superduty in the past 3 years
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Specs; 94 XLT, 351HO Leather interior, bone-stock
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dats nice!! :rockon
No way, I like my anatomy just the way it is!:shocked Gonna have to get her a s/n for here too I guess.
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DAMN that's nice...congrats on the purchase and glad she likes it.:thumbup :beer :cool:
trey aka superbronco said:
Gonna have to get her a s/n for here too I guess.
"Wife aka SuperCleanBronco"

great find btw.. looks to be in excellent condition..
Wow, nice and clean. :thumbup

And that's a smart woman keeping it clean. Means she's proud of it and wants to keep it nice. :D
Looks very nice!!:thumbup :thumbup
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