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Posted by Dusty on Pirate.
Dusty runs the so cal broncos early bronco club. sad sad news.. i really liked that place.. even though i only went once..
Dusty said:
I know its not kosher to repost from other boards here so I'll just repeat what came to me from the socalxj list via the JustRuns list. There was a mention in the current JP magazine that Los Coyotes will be closing this summer to be turned into a horse camp. Somebody from the JustRuns list called the res and they confirmed it. Looks like we're losing another place to wheel here in So Cal. What's sad about this is that not only is it a great place to wheel but its also the only non-goverment owned off-road venue that I know of in the area. I thought we had a friend in the Indians but I guess I was wrong. We've got a few months to enjoy it before its gone. RIP LCIR.

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