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Lots of '88 EFI, driveline parts, rims and tires

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I am parting out a lot of the stuff on my 88 f150 which may be useful to you bronco guys. I am converting from 351W EFI to carb so all the efi computer stuff is for sale, also the 4 speed auto tranny is for sale...converting to manual. the transfer case connected to it is going too. I also am putting a straight axle in the front so the whole front TTB is for sale. The five bolt rims and tires are for sale as well..going to 8 bolt. They are 33" X 12.5" PROCOMP tires on 15 x 10 Eagle alloy 589 series rims. Ask me about other things I might have them. All stuff worked when I took it out. Email me at [email protected] or post back here. Or you can even call me at 315-788-8139. Thanks.

Ryan C.
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Can you get a pic of the sticker on the computer? or just list the #s from it?
is the trans an e40d? how many miles on it? how much?
90bronconate said:
is the trans an e40d? how many miles on it? how much?

Im almost sure its not an E40D. Although, I didnt think 88 had a 351 with a 4 speed auto behind it...Im probably wrong.

Pics of tires and wheels if you can, I may be interested.
Crazed said:
Can you get a pic of the sticker on the computer? or just list the #s from it?
LEt me know once you find out, I'll tell you yes or no
I dont think the tranny is an overdrive tranny. I will try to get the numbers off the stuff tomorrow. I dont think I can get pics right now i cant find my camera cord. The tires and rims are good condition. 90 percent tread on the front, 70 on back. Gripped very well when I last drove it.
i have got an edelbrock 351w performer intake and edelbrock 1406 600cfm carb with electric choke if you want to trade for the efi set up
Make me an offer on the wheel/tire combo. I paid over a grand for them new.
Do you still have the computer or has it been sold already?


I still have the computer but I would rather sell it as a whole including the upper and lower intake, fuel rail....everything.
I will consider trades for 351w parts such as a roller cam, heads, intake, carb... Does anyone know how much power I can get from that 351w block with stock bottom end?
Let me know what happens, all i need is the computer
how much for the complete fuel injection? and is it stock or aftermarket parts
the efi is stock make an offer an we'll see
Bronco Parts

If you still have them-I'm looking for the 2 bolts and nuts that go through the bottom of the axle pivot brackets to the TTB axle(Left And Right)-If so-How much?
Id rather sell it as a whole front axle than part it out. Sorry.
I think the bolts he is talking about go through the crossmember. You are either going to have to take them out or take the crossmember out.
If you change your mind about parting out the front and rear, I'm interested in a front third member and rear ring & pinion for an 8.8 if at least 4.11. :chili:
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