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Lots of '88 EFI, driveline parts, rims and tires

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I am parting out a lot of the stuff on my 88 f150 which may be useful to you bronco guys. I am converting from 351W EFI to carb so all the efi computer stuff is for sale, also the 4 speed auto tranny is for sale...converting to manual. the transfer case connected to it is going too. I also am putting a straight axle in the front so the whole front TTB is for sale. The five bolt rims and tires are for sale as well..going to 8 bolt. They are 33" X 12.5" PROCOMP tires on 15 x 10 Eagle alloy 589 series rims. Ask me about other things I might have them. All stuff worked when I took it out. Email me at [email protected] or post back here. Or you can even call me at 315-788-8139. Thanks.

Ryan C.
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vultures.. just waiting for the thing to die so you can get the good stuff. :beer
oh gotcha i would sell them for whatever you think they are worth when i get the axle out which wont be for at least a couple of weeks.

Is the transfer case still for sale?

Is a fixed yoke in the rear?

1356 or 1345?
I still have the xfer case. Not sure on the model just know it works. I just know its a borgwarner right now. I will find out more this weekend if you are interested.
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