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I'll have to say that is what you get for confusing running well with running efficiently.:toothless I'd love to draw this out a little longer, but I'm going to bed. The awe inspiring number is....2.79 MPG...74 miles, 26.5 gallons of gas. Ouch! At that rate I suppose it only feels like gallons per mile! Thanks for playing.:thumbup
Damn, I saw this thread too late......I would have guessed somewhere in the range of 1.0 - 2.0 Gallons Per Mile, which is probably closer to the real millage considering the 2/4H (you didn't say which, just high range on the access road) used to get to the trails.

Bottom line - if you enjoyed the trails and wheelin', does it really matter just how much fuel you burned or what kind of millage you got?
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