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400 heads (or 351 if you want!) for sale. I rebuilt these about three years ago with decent results, as the tires got larger and larger I finally decided on a set of aussies that are being installed now.

I had the shop trim .02" off the deck (good for a .4-.5 point bump in compression) and cut the exhaust for 4V exhaust valves to help overcome the nasty exhaust port geometry.

All of the hardware has been moved over to the aussies so these are up for sale as "bare".

They've been tanked so are in pretty clean condition.

A keen eye will note that they have 2V to 4v adapters glued to the exhaust side, these are not included although for a few bucks I could make you a set. I'll peel these off and clean up the surfaces.

Normal cores go for what, $50?, let shoot for around $100 for the set.

Located in Lebanon Oregon

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