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MAF conversion

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I bought the maf conversion kit from fireguy. I am changing from SD to MAF. The "kit" consists of only wires which are labled. I think I remember something about some wires needing to be removed and these inserted. Where do I find this information out. Or can someone tell me?

Oh by the way, I have the sensor,computer already.
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Don't I have to run a 2nd o2 sensor? If so does the kit have the wireing for it? Is this kit the only thing I hae to use?
laid out the harness and used this site to figure to help figure everything out I think (found in search with search function by the way). Ryan this thing is VERY NICE a work of art, lol. I have one problem though, the connector to the MAF sensor will not match. The sensor is grey with a "tit" on the side. The connector you sent me is made for the "tit" to be on the bottom. Is there anyway you can send me the one I need? I will send this one back. It has only been out of the box and laid out to see everything.
Or can I just shave that little part off and use the connector I have already got?
just shave the index tab off the air meter.
question: The wires that come from the maf sensor pigtail, do they need to be spliced into the existing wires?

C & D go direct to the ECM
B goes to any solid ground
A goes to any wire powered by the ECM relay
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You need to more the old pins as shown in that article you found above.
9 and 50 should not splice to anyhting.
the ends are just stripped. There is no way to get the wires to stay in the connector.
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