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I have a '96 351 w/E4OD. I swapped the electric TC for a manual one. I have the correct shifter and linkage. The TC works fine, but the 4x4 light is fairly intermittent. If I jiggle the shifter forward a little, the light will come on until I let go of the shifter. Frankly I don't care about the light, but it does the same thing in 4x4 Low and the tranny needs to know it's in 4x4 low because it totally reprograms the shift points.

Is there any adjustment on the switch that plugs into the TC? I pulled this one from a JY because the first one I had did the same thing. Any suggestions?



PS, I did search but I did not find any topics addressing this issue, though there a quite a few 4x4 light topics.
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