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Manual to Elec. Windows and locks

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I finally got around to putting in my PDL and PWs today.. here is a lil how to, time spent, problems, what was needed:

Time Spent: 2 hrs
Problems: None, you'll need the plug and play wiring harness for these if not so equiped, mine already had it making the job less time comsuming.
Tools needed: Drill, 3/8 drill bit,small 1/4 dr rachet with 6" extension, assorted small sockets.. depending on whats in your truck. a lil pbs blaster or equivelent to make things go a lil smoother and all the parts needed for the swap

How to: Change from Manual to elec, power windows and door locks

1st off, took off the rotted door and installed the newer manual operated door to the body. less heavy without all the extra stuff. layed the elc windowed door beside the manual

2nd work all the wiring off the elec door

3rd, the lock actuator is pop riveted in if from factory so you'll have to drill this out

4th I went ahead and took the door latch out to save or get rid of and it made more room to move around

5th with a hammer knock in the end of the pop rivets, ya don't have to hit it hard they pop right in then drill out the PR heads

6th take out the 2 screws that hold the vent window on this part of the door and the bolt that was over top the rivets ya just took out.. as you pull out the vent window pull it back towards the back of the door and pull up when it stops turn 90 degrees to get past the attaching tab. the rubber around the window also comes out with this

7th.. once you've got the 4 rivets out becareful becuase the window is going to slide down.. making it easier to get out.. on the window slider simply pull back on the window gear assemble until it slides out of the rail

8th remove big glass.. this should leave your elec door almost stripped.. manuvere the gear assembly and remove from door

thats it.. the door is gutted..
Now do the same to the manual door.. install is reverse what ya just read, clean up and lubricant all parts while out of door makes for a cleaner job
you can use 3/8 bolts and nuts but I was fortunate enough to have a cousin in the glass business who had a Heavy duty rivetor so I reriveted everything that was riveted onto the new door, replace the exterior locks and ya should be in business

keep all the extra parts such as door handles, vent window and so forth, cause ya never know when you'll need em.. or ya can simply sell em or give em away..

Hope this helps someone in need.. thx for looking/reading
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