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Map light harness connector

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My map light doesn't work so I opened up the panel where the seat belt reel I'd and the wire is broke off and is corroded. I have no idea how to get the wire re connected when I cut it and strip it. I don't know how to get the old wire out and put in the new one.
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Yo Rex,
What year and trim model (such as 96 XL or ELT, etc do you have?
In an 88 member Jem270 stated, "According to my wiring diagram, the power to the green/yellow stripe wire is always on." So test for voltage before trying the following,
For now, pull rocker door scuff plates and see if you can pull up some slack in #14334 wire harness. Or pull 1/4 panel trim panels.

Other owners such as Jem270 have cut out the bad section & connected all the wires of each color together using crimp in-line conbectors and some new "primary wire" from the parts store. Also, after stripping insulation inspect wire stands for corrosion,


ItemPart NumberDescription
1To Interior Lamp Assembly (Part of 14334)
214334Wiring Assembly, Interior Lamp Feed
3To Radio Speaker
414335Wiring Assembly, Interior Lamp
5Stow Connector in Hole Provided
6To Map Light
714A504Wiring Assembly
8To High Mount Stoplamp
9Remove Release Paper Before Application
105420552Insulator, Body Opening Sound
116054350Insulator, Roof Side Inner Rear Rail Sound


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Bypass it
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