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Well my water pump took a dump, I initially thought it was the jack mechanic that installed a helicoil after the rebuild......
Upon further inspection, I noticed a rubber seal on the back side of my fan that was just hanging on the shaft. I can see a bunch of ball bearings(guess the seal was to hold the grease in), and it looks like I'm missing about 5 balls out of there.....
Anyone have a diagram of how these fans work, I've read up on them through searching haven't read anything about the insides of one.

After reading some of your posts describing failed fan clutches, and airplane noise from the engine bay, I have to laugh at myself b/c I guess that "damn my engine sounds powerful today" noise was the fan takings a dump.......
Anywho had a spare fan laying around, so that went on.

Are fans rebuildable if I'm missing bearings or is it just cheaper for a new one??

PS this 70 degree weather in the NE has been nice for wrenching!
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