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Ok, this comes from a guy I know that went to the Natiobal Forest Plan meeting the other night. These are his word's. We NEED to make our voices clear on this guys! :D

Here's what I learned at the National Forest Plan meeting last night.

First of all, it is not to late to give your input but the clock is ticking. You have until November 17 to give your input. Send your input to :

Huron-Manistee Nat'l Forests:
NOI - FP Revision, Huron-Manistee Nat'l Forest
1755 S. Mitchell St.
Cadillac, MI 49601

Hiawatha Nat'l Forest
NOI - FP Revision, Hiawatha Nat'l Forest
2727 No. Lincoln Rd.
Escanaba, MI 49829

Ottawa Nat'l Forest
NOI - FP RevisionOttawa Nat'l Forest
E6248 US Hwy. 2
Ironwood, MI 49938

Or direct electronic mail to (type: NOI - FP Revision in the subject line):
Huron-Manistee Nat'l Forest: [email protected]
Hiawatha Nat'l Forest: [email protected]
Ottawa Nat'l Forest: [email protected]

Huron-Manistee Nat'l ForestsForest Planner
Fax: 231-775-5551
TTY: 231-775-3183

Hiawatha Nat'l ForestForest Planner
Fax: 906-789-3311
TTY: 906-789-3337

Ottawa Nat'l ForestForest Planner
Fax: 906-932-0122
TTY: 906-932-0301

Do you want to have the designation of an area that you know about changed? Let them know about it
Do you know of a specific area that is being changed that you feel should not be changed? Let them know about it
Do you want to see trails developed for full size vehicle use? Let them know about it
Do you want to see anything changes that has to do with how our forests are managed? Let them know about it

They wanted specific, detailed comments about specific areas as well as general comments. Let them know what you want

This is a unique opportunity that will not last much longer. They only update the forest plan once every 10-15 (or longer) years. It will be a long time before we get this chance again.

The Process works something like this:

#1. Need for change analysis. This is where they look at what they have now and decide what needs to be changed. Unfortunately, we miss the boat on this one. This was done last winter and spring.

#2 Notice of Intent. This is where they specify how things should be changed and why. This is the point they're at now.

#3 Develop Alternatives. This is where they take the comments we've given them by November 17 and other pertinent information and try to address the issues that are raised.

#4 Analyze Alternatives and Prepare Draft. This is where they evaluate the alternatives and prepare the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

#5. Select Preferred Alternative. This is where the alternatives are made public. This will be the next chance to give our comments. This is expected to happen in March 2005.

#6 Response to Comments and release final EIS. This is where the comments received on step 5 are considered and the final EIS and proposed Forest Plan are prepared.

#7 Issue Record of Decision. This is where the Regional Forester makes the final decisions on the Forest Plan. This is expected to be done in March 2006.
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