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Is there any interest in one of these here? It's new... it's military grade for HMMV (has 9S000-560-D stamped on the side; It is a Sterling Hydrolic and White Hydrolic and Roller StotoR brand). 12,500lbs

I'll take pics tomorrow as it's dark and the sucker comes bolted to a dolly!

How does $850 sound? I've looked and sat and stared at this thing and it's just not for me.... it's super overkill and I'm all for: "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing" but this... this is just ridiculous for me.

In Sugar Land but anywhere Houston area is fine to meet up. Shipping this.... is not recommended but can and will do but buyer picks up the tab. DAMN THING IS HEAVY!!!

Any interest, email me or respond.

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